A person with anxiety, seated on a bed, with their knees to their chest and arms wrapped around them.

When Is The Worry too Much? New Resource for Anxiety Concerns

Anxiety is a normal part of life. It gives us the rush of adrenaline we need to perform at our best. It also helps us to stay alert in dangerous situations. But how do you know when you or your child are struggling with too much anxiety? And what can you do about it?

New Resource Guide

Families who are concerned about anxiety can get answers to these types of questions and more with a new guide developed in partnership with Connecting for Kids. While this guide is geared toward kids, many of the red flags and solutions apply to adults too. It includes red flags, solutions, and resources/frequently asked questions about anxiety.

For example, let’s say you’ve noticed that your child needs a lot more reassurance than his siblings did at the same age (this is one of the red flags). He’s also prone to huge reactions to little things. This is behavior Brené Brown described as “chandeliering,” – because “the tiniest thing can send you straight up to the chandelier.”

Having noticed these types of things about your child, you might start to think about solutions. While it’s always best to start with your child’s primary care provider, there are a range of other options too – from partnering with a therapist to using planning, coping tools, and structure at home. And since anxiety is often an inherited trait, noticing these things about your child might be a signal to build some supports for yourself too.

Find Help

Each family is different, and your family will need resources and supports that work for you. The Child & Family Counseling Center of Westlake’s therapists and psychiatry team can help learn more ways to manage anxiety and build a plan that will help you thrive. To get started, call the office at 440-250-9414 or learn more about our experienced clinical staff.