The theory is that the mind is not separate from the body, but rather "it is the mind that dominates the body, that acts as chooser, controller, governor..." Deepak Chopra

*Art Therapy

*Play Therapy

*Integrated Learning Services


*Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

*Integral Breath Therapy

*Guided Imagery


*Yoga Therapy

*Dialectical Behavior Therapy group

*DBT parent groups

*Speaking services for local schools, community events and area organizations on a variety of mental health topics

*Drug and Alcohol assessment and relapse prevention

                           Specialized Services

Holistic approaches to mental health treatment are becoming more and more acceptable today.  At the Child & Family Counseling Center of Westlake, we offer an array of holistic therapies that aim to create a fuller integration of mind and body.


Holistic appoaches alone or in combination with traditional methods are found to be effective in treating many issues, such as: depression, anxiety/stress, psychological and emotional trauma, unhealthy behavior patterns, general dissatisfaction and unhappiness, grief and loss, relationship issues.


Areas of Specialization

*Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders

*Anxiety disorders

*Mood disorders

*Depressive disorders

*Post-traumatic stress disorder

*Disruptive behavior disorders

*Families experiencing separation and divorce

*Marital and relationship issues

*School related issues

*Grief and loss issues

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